Catherine André : textile design

Weaving a link with the history of the original Corn Exchange seemed obvious.

Catherine Andre Homme

Weaving a link with the history

Catherine André defines herself as a textile designer and stylist since 1995. Of course, she is part of the world of fashion, but above all, she is part of time, she says, as she insists on the durability of her collections, which each year complement the previous ones more than they erase them. Weaving a link with another time, that of the history of the original Halle aux Blés for the creation of the service uniforms as well as the aprons and kitchen towels, seemed obvious. For the shirt, a slightly wide and ample cut, topped with a straight collar, recalls that of the clerks who once officiated in the place. A pleat behind and a false wallet buttoning in front give it a remarkable contemporary feel, as do the oblong buttons that evoke grain. Sleeves at ¾ for women and 7/8 for men ensure an essential practicality.

Catherine Andre Jeans2

A smooth silhouette

For the pants, the idea was born to use hemp,this incredible vegetable material, comfortable, solid and thermoregulatory was perfect for the restaurant. The designer, thanks to our partnership with the company Tuffery, the last manufacturer of Denim in France, has cut from the material a jean; elegant & urban.The jeans once again were modeled after the traditional garments worn by the workers in the Halle aux Blès. This navy blue set is a fluid silhouette, designed to fade away in all elegance to the benefit of the place in which it will move, even if an invisible thread links them.

Catherine Andre 6807

Invit plants

To make the textile for the dishcloths, bedspreads and aprons of the cooks, Catherine André has created a unique Jacquard fabric using the know-how of the weaver Moutet and working with Anne Piscaglia for the graphic motifs. Reflecting a natural universe as much by the borrowings from typographic seeds as by the tender colors, they invite in the kitchen the vegetal, so dear to Michel and Sébastien Bras.