Elise Fouin : Tableware

What setting for the Bras family's culinary compositions? The designer has followed the furrows of inspiration.

Elise Fouin Croquis

Back to Earth

What kind of setting for the Bras family's culinary compositions? Michel and Sébastien Bras asked designer Élise Fouin to imagine the various ceramic pieces that make up the tableware, plates, bowls, cups and milk jugs. (As if it were obvious), the designer wanted to connect the earth to the earth. The nourishing one in which the plants that will give the grains will germinate and the one that will be the material of these essential pieces of the table.

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The furrows of inspiration

The designer, shares with Bras strong links with the rural world. As a child, she saw her father tracing furrows in the fields at the wheel of his tractor, and she wanted to continue his work on a plate from the eponymous collection. The plates of the Sower series, for their part, bear the memory of the notched wheel used to split the earth before the seeds are deposited. The clay chosen is sandstone, which reveals a subtle relief to the eye.

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The taste for experimentation

From the idea to the realization, the path is long, for the great pleasure of the designer whose material has always been the starting point of her imagination and the subject of her experiments. She thus shaped the first models, removing here a few grams of plaster, digging a little harder there, taking care to leave the imprint of the work of the hand, without erasing its irregularity, as a witness of her sensitivity. A work prolonged by the talent of the craftsmen of the ceramist Jars who know like no other how to preserve the identity of the creators.

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This genesis was also fueled by a permanent dialogue and round-trip between the Bras, their kitchen and the studio. Michel Bras wanted to put his own stamp on the plates. The recipes influence the creation of the containers, while the design of the containers can be a fertile ground for the culinary imagination. The fusion is sometimes total between the two universes, like this small furrowed piece of field intended to receive some seeds to awaken the papillae, initially imagined in ceramic, but which will be manufactured in buckwheat. Custom design and ready to eat.