Tissage Moutet: Kitchen fabrics

Three threads to weave endlessly: enough to draw patterns and compose colors with threads for brush and paint.

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Tissage Moutet is one of the last 3 companies specializing in jacquard in France. The smallest and the most ready to venture into the most atypical projects, Catherine Moutet, director of the structure claims not without a touch of mischief. The textile designer Catherine André, Michel and Sébastien Bras, have thus entrusted it without hesitation with the weaving of the fabric of the aprons and dish towels of the cooks.

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Three threads to weave endlessly: one lengthwise, one crosswise, and one between the warp and the weft. This allows you to draw patterns and compose your colors with brush and paint threads. An ancient and mastered technique, but one that requires cunning and imagination. Talents that had to be deployed to tame the loom so that it delivers this canvas with precise plant motifs, enhanced by a faithful coloring, with a natural look.